3 Plumbing Problems You Should Never Try to Fix on Your Own

New Year comes with new resolutions, so add some household plumbing fixes to your resolution list that you will never attempt to do yourself.

From leaking taps to blocked drains and hot water repairs, these tasks should be left only to a licensed plumber in Sydney. Doing these fixes on your own will not only make the damage even bigger but can also cost you a run with the law.

Drainage issues

While a plunger or a commercial drain opener could be the first few things that come to mind when you are having drainage issues at home, these might not be effective if the issue has been mounting up for some time and has not been looked into.

You know you need a plumber in Sydney to fix that blocked drain if:

• Bathtub, sink or shower drain is not draining as it should
• Water is backing up in the drains
• Bad sewage like smell around your drains
• The water level is rising when you flush the toilet

Hot water plumbing

Your hot water system should not cause any problems for at least 5 to 6 years after installation. But if not maintained properly, you might begin to see issues like no hot water, not enough hot water, pilot burning out and leaks happening before you know it.

However, trying to fix your hot water system on your own can be dangerous. Always hire a licensed plumber in Sydney for hot water repair. Also, scheduling a regular inspection at least once a year can keep your hot water system performing at its best.

Fixing leaks

Leaks can range from the innocent dripping taps to burst pipes behind the walls and damaged water lines.

Your pipes and plumbing fixtures are bound to be affected by some level of wear and tear over time has given the fact that they are in constant contact with water and in use all the time. Age of fixture and water pressure are two of the most common reasons for leaking taps and pipes.

Make sure you get the help of a professional plumber in Sydney when you experience such water leaks. Trying to fix it on your own will only aggravate the problem even more.

Wrapping up

Doing your own plumbing work can compromise the integrity of pipes and fixtures and damage your property beyond repair, not to mention burning a big hole in your pocket in the process and having legal consequences.

As licensed plumbers in Sydney, we recommend that you always hire a professional to fix household plumbing issues, especially the ones that are obviously beyond your understanding and skill set.

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