4 Plumbing Upgrades That Can Transform the Look And Feel of Your Property

Nobody loves homes that are full of blocked drains, leaky pipes and squeaky taps. Bathroom and kitchen being two of the most used areas of your home, need to be in top condition year round. But most of the times, moving to a new property, you hardly know what surprises await you when you’ll turn that tap on.

As licensed plumbers in Sydney, we have been to way too many older homes that are plagued with pipes and fixtures that’s in bad shape due to excessive use over the years. So here we are listing down some things to look at when you are planning to sell of your old home or shift into one.

Replace Old Pipes

Old pipes come with a variety of issues that if not addressed on time can cause serious dangers to your health as well as your property.

Lead leaching from old pipes is one such problem. While all of new homes are built taking into consideration the Australian standards, many of the older homes still have pipes with brass fittings thereby leaching lead into water, which is unsafe for drinking.

Additionally, galvanized pipes in older homes are prone to rusting, while polybutylene pipes tend to rupture over time causing leakage or even flooding on your property.

Replacing old pipes with new ones is one of the first things property owners of older homes should be looking into.

Hot Water Replacement

Hot water systems in our homes are faithful companions always being there for us when we need them. Seldom do we return the favour by taking care of their timely repair and maintenance. The only time we turn our attention to our how water system is when it fails to deliver.

Most hot water heaters have a life span of 10 to 15 years after which they need to be replaced. If you are moving into an old home, it’s worth checking out when the hot water was installed and the last time it was serviced. If the installation date is beyond 12 years, upgrading it is your best bet, as any repairs done at this point won’t last long enough.

Blocked Drains

Let’s admit it. Most of us have a habit of treating our toilet drains like a dustbin and our kitchen sink drains as garbage disposal.

In older homes the pipes are sometimes too narrow and when things that are not meant to go down the drain, do actually enter it, they block the drain. Adding insult to injury, pipe cleaners are harsh and can further damage the drains.

By replacing the drain pipe with wider ones, you can make sure never to encounter the issue of blocked drains again.

Old Plumbing Fixtures

While an antique bathtub may set up the mood for you, that’s not always the case with a dirty looking old toilet suite, rusty taps or leaking shower head.
How about updating the old fixtures to something modern, has a higher water efficient rating, is aesthetically appealing and also adds better functionality to your bathroom?

Wrapping Up

Old homes have all sorts of plumbing problems so it’s great to get them fixed before you move to a new property or plan to sell your own. As licensed plumbers in Sydney, we can help upgrade your home’s plumbing so it’s as good as new.

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