5 Obvious Water Leaks That You May Be Ignoring Everyday

Regular plumbing checks of your taps, toilets and pipes can save you from not only wasting the precious natural resource but also from draining your pocket in water bills and surprise water
damages to your property.

Flex Hoses

Just because there are down under doesn’t mean they don’t need to be checked. Flex hoses found under the bathroom basin, kitchen sink and laundry tub can wear over time and begin to leak.

The most common sign would be a puddle under the sink or basin just after you have used it

Leaking Taps

Cracked spindles, worn out washers and broken cartridges can cause leaking taps. As one of the most used fixtures of our homes, taps are prone to wear and tear with excessive use resulting in hundreds of liters of water wasted every month. Time to get a plumber and have your leaking
taps repaired.

Hot Water System Leaks

A leaking hot water unit is most likely to happen when your system has surpassed its actual useful lifespan. That is more than 10 to 12 years. The tank units begin to get rusty at the bottom and develop multiple leaks. When it’s being used, it will continue to draw water from the meter
and actually cost you in two ways: leaking water and also wasting the energy required to heat
that water.

Leaking Toilet Cistern

A running toilet cistern if not fixed on time can waste way more water than you think. Yes you can stop it from filling on its own from the valve behind the suite, but that problem stays where it was.

The leak could be due to an issue with the cistern inlet valve or the washer connecting the cistern to the toilet pan. You may need a plumber to fix it for you.

Water Filter Leaks

Noticed water dripping every time you turn on the tap to fill a glass of water? Water filters fitted under your kitchen sink can have loose connections resulting in water trickling down but are mostly hidden from view. It’s worthwhile to check these pipe connections once in a few
weeks to make sure you are not wasting any water.

Wrapping up

Have you noticed any water leaks on your property that you may not be able to find time to fix? Don’t let the problem linger anymore. We are a professional and licensed plumbing experts in Sydney so give us a call today and we will get it fixed in no time. Call now at 1300 663 468

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