5 signs indicating you have a blocked sewer drain on your property

While a blocked sewer drain is not as common as a clogged sink or toilet, it is nonetheless a nuisance when it happens and definitely an emergency plumbing situation needing to be addressed at the earliest.

The reasons behind it could be many including tree roots invasion, ground movement and aging of pipes among others.

But how would you know that you have persistent problem and when should you call a plumber for your blocked sewer drain?

Waste Water Backup

In Sydney and almost all around Australia, tree roots entering the sewer lines through cracks are one of the most common causes of sewer drain blockage resulting in waste water backing up in the pipes. Clogs caused in the indoor drain pipes due to hair, grease or other foreign objects can also cause the waste water to be pushed back into your home rather than going to the public sewer system.

Foul Smell

Pungent odor around your house is the most obvious sign of a blocked sewer drain. By the time you start noticing this smell, the damage is already done to your sewer line due to the pressure caused by the blockage and the smell is a result of waste water being leaked or the drain overflowing.

Slow Draining

Whatever is obstructing your sewer pipes will cause the water to drain slower than usual. This is a clear sign of a blockage or may also indicate a damage to the line.

Indentation and Wet Patches

If your sewer drain is not working as it should, it will overflow water resulting in water patches in and around the drain or water pooling up near the drain opening. However, if the obstruction is so bad that it has caused the drain lining to crack, you will notice a depression or hollow space being created as the soil starts to enter the crack causing indentation on the surface.

Mould formation

It’s no secret that moisture is mould’s best friend. If you notice mould appearing around the area where your sewer pipes are passing from, it’s an indication of a leak. The faster the mould grows, the bigger the leak is underneath and the quicker you need to get it fixed by your plumber.

Wrapping up

Having a blocked sewer drain is a messy thing to get stuck with. As licensed plumbers in Sydney and surrounding suburbs, with years and years of experience, we can help you with your blocked sewer drains in Sydney.

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