5 Tips to Saving yourself a Fortune in Plumbing Repairs

Your home’s plumbing when ignored for prolonged periods of time can soon turn into costly repairs as the result of water waste and damage on your property.

Taking care of your plumbing and fixing issues as soon as they arise is a sure shot way to keep those hidden pipes behind the walls and the outside fixtures performing at their best.

Here are some of the things you may be doing which could result in costly repairs:

1. Flushing the Wrong Things in the Toilet

Don’t treat your toilet like your dustbin. Flushing dental floss, cigarette butts, hygiene products etc. is a recipe for disaster. Even wipes that claim to be flushable are not supposed to go down. They can easily clog your pipes and soon turn into a nightmare.


2. Not dialing before you dig

This applies to all digging not just a full-fledge excavation. Even if you are digging just a couple of feet deep, you can still run into the risk of hitting an underground pipe running through your yard and breaking it. A damaged gas pipeline or sewer line can result into serious consequences. Lodge an enquiry on Dial Before You Dig website or call them to for safe digging.


3. Doing it yourself

Plumbing work in Australia needs to be carried out by licensed professionals and if someone attempts to do it on their own, not only will they denied insurance coverage in case of any damages but also face legal consequences.


4. Using poor quality fixtures

Poor quality plumbing fixtures not only have a shorter life span but can be silently damaging your property as they age and get more prone to breakage and wear out.

Cheap taps and other non-compliant parts could even leach lead, a potentially toxic metal, into the otherwise safe drinking water. Always look for fixtures that live up to Australian standards and building codes.


5. Ignoring obvious plumbing problems

If you have been pushing the repair of that leaking pipe or faulty hot water system for way too long, you may end up getting a bill shock when you finally get the repair done. Ignoring will only mount the problem leading to unwarranted consequences.


If you are looking for advice on buying the best plumbing fixtures, want to get your drains cleared hassle-free or want to get a leak repaired, call us today and we would be more than happy to help you out with your home’s plumbing.


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