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Trouble Shooting Guide To Your Hot Water System

Imagine stepping under the shower on a winter morning only to jump out shivering because the water was too cold. Having spent several years fixing Rheem hot water systems for residential and commercial buildings, I totally understand the frustration our clients go through when their water heating systems don't work as they should. For residents…
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Rheem Hot Water Systems – Reduce Energy Usage and Your Bill

Want to take a guess how much heating water at home accounts for of the total energy consumption in Australia? A whopping 25 percent! So you can imagine what a significant portion of your monthly bills consist of; energy related expenses. Stop for a moment and consider giving us a call on 1300 663 468…
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When to Change Your Hot Water System?

Imagine this...You wake up early one morning, ready take on the day. Your first activity - a nice long hot water shower to rejuvenate you. You turn on the shower and get hit by a stream of icy cold water. How does this impact the rest of your day? Not in a good way. We've…
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