Decorative Plumbing – How to Choose the Right Bathroom Sink

If you are planning to install a new bathroom sink, choosing the right one can be overwhelming, if you are not sure what exactly you are looking for.

From the available space you have, to the person using the sink and the kind of style statement you want to make, you need to consider every minute detail, or your bathroom would be just another bathroom.

Decide the type of sink you need

• Drop-in sinks are one of the most popular style that never goes out of date. These are an excellent choice for both wood and laminate countertops.

• Under mount sinks are best if you want to get a clean, seamless look. They look great with solid surfaces.

• Wall mounted sinks don’t require a bench-top and hence if you have less space they are the best option.

• Pedestal sinks gives a classical look to your bathroom while hiding the plumbing behind the pedestal.

• Vessel sinks can make a great style statement, as they are contemporary and look great in black and white colour and various materials.

Both under mount and drop in sinks have the additional option for storage space underneath while that’s missing for wall mounted and pedestal sinks. Depending upon your need, you can decide which type of sink installation to go for.

Consider location and size

Your bathroom sink needs to be well located. It should allow free movement, be close to the piping and also look great, all at the same time.

Its size is yet another consideration. Normally, the size of the bathroom and the space available can help you determine the right size.

Account for aesthetic appeal

As one of the most frequently used item of the bathroom, basin is almost the central piece and the first place our eyes turn to.

Being a prominent fixture, it should tie together the entire look of the bathroom and be visually appealing. You can go for different materials, colours and styles when getting a bathroom sink installation during a remodeling.

Don’t forget the taps

Your choice of taps can make or break the entire look of your bathroom. It should not just go with the rest of the fixtures but most importantly the basin to which it is installed. Moreover, it should be ergonomic, stylish and easy to clean.


With so many options out there, choosing the right bathroom sink may look like a daunting task. But when you know the kind of look you are trying to create and the functionality you need, it can become so much easier for you as well as the plumber you are hiring for sink installation.

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