Dodging Your Post-Holiday Hot Water Plumbing Woes

For most of us, our Hot water heater is sitting quietly in the basement or in the garage faithfully providing hot water whenever we need it! Yet, it's one of the most neglected household appliances that's often taken for granted until it stops doing its job!

Fixing a malfunctioning hot water heater is easy to put off to another time, but the problem stays and a disaster is most likely to happen right after the guests leave or while you are away enjoying a long happy vacation!

As a vigilant homeowner, here are 3 things you need to do to dodge post-holiday hot water plumbing woes this season!

My home's flooded due to burst hot water tank!

Imagine coming back from a long vacation only to find your home flooded due to a burst hot water tank?

If your hot water heater has been showing signs of leaks it's a good idea to get it inspected before you and your family leaves for a holiday! A mal-functioning water heater can actually put you in hot water (literally) if not maintained regularly!

Now that you do have a burst tank, there is no better time to get it replaced with a new one and making sure it gets regularly checked for possible issues!

I turned on the water heater in the wrong order

Yes, you are a vigilant homeowner, who takes every opportunity to save on the water and energy bills!

While it's a good idea to turn off the water supply as well as the power of the hot water heater before you leave; after you are back, turning it on in the wrong order is a recipe for disaster! Turning on the power before the tank is filled with water, can burn out the element in your water heater putting your chores on hold before it gets replaced!

Holidays placed too much workload on my water heater

With the sink towering with dishes and 3 people lined up to take a shower, do you think you placed too much load on your hot water heater during the holidays? When the hot water heater is required to do more work than it's accustomed to, the constant expansion and contraction can eventually lead to a break down! Once the guests leave, make sure to set the thermostat back to normal, to avoid putting unnecessary pressure on the system!

Need a post-holiday hot water heater examination?

Problems with your hot water system can dampen your holiday mood! Even if a hot water failure is not waiting to welcome you upon your return from a vacation or after the guests leave, hot water heaters become less reliable as they age, and a timely inspection can save you from trouble down the line.

As Emergency Plumbers in Sydney we specialise in fixing and installing all popular hot water heater brands, including providing Rheem Service and repair as well as Dux Service and Repair!

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