Dux Service and Repair: 4 Warning Signs You Are Getting Closer To A Hot Water System Failure!

Dux Service and Repair need don’t usually show if your hot water heater is just a few years old. However, as you go beyond the warranty period, which is usually around 7 years, your Dux hot water heater may begin to signal that it’s time to give a service call or may be replacing the old system with a new one!

Following are 4 signs to look out for when you feel that your hot water system is in need for professional Dux service and repair!


1. Check For Signs Of Corrosion

With constant exposure to moisture in the form of water or steam, hot water heaters tend to corrode over time. The signs include getting rust coloured water running from the taps, rust appearing on the body or any other parts attached to the tank or rusty water collected below the hot water tank.

2. Determine Water Heater Efficiency

If your hot water heater temperature is unchanged but you have started to get less hot water or its taking too long to heat, it’s a clear indication that your hot water heater is getting inefficient! Since you will be tempted to increase the water temperature to get enough hot water to fulfil your daily requirements, you may also start to notice an increase in your energy bills!

3. Check For Possible Leaks

Formation of water puddles near the base of the tank or a constant stream of water running from the tank to the drain in the floor are signs that you have a leak. Another place where you can find a leak is the Temperature and Pressure Relieve (TPR) Valve. While small amounts of drips are nothing to worry about, if your hot water heater is losing water in significant quantities from the valve, you need to pay attention and call a Dux service and repair professional for detailed inspection.

4. Rumbling And Cracking Sounds

As your water heater ages you will begin to hear loud noises as if something is cracking or popping inside the heater. This is a clear sign that your water heater has formed a think and hardened layer of sediment that cracks every time you heat the water.

The sediment layer not only reduces the efficiency of the heater, but results in more damage since you will be over heating the water making the tank brittle and more prone to develop holes which in turn leads to leaks.

If you are having one of the above problems with your hot water heaters, it’s high time to call for Dux service and repair or get your system replaced altogether.

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