Get Your Home’s Plumbing Ready for spring

Spring calls not just for some thorough cleaning of your house, but also for you to get that plumbing work completed that you postponed to next year.

Spring is a great season to plan ahead for summer by checking and maintaining your indoor and outdoor plumbing in order to tackle problems that could otherwise turn into costly repairs down the road.

As licensed plumbers in Sydney, we have created a small but important checklist to get your home’s plumbing ready for the summer season.

Check Your Water Heater for Repair

Your water heater had probably been working overtime to supply you with ample amount of hot water as and when demanded during the winters.

This is the time to check if your hot water system is calling for any repair work. Regular maintenance can keep it running flawlessly round the year. Also consider the time it has been installed. If it has been more than 12 years, it’s better to replace your hot water system rather than calling for maintenance.

Check Your Pool for Maintenance and Repair

Summer is the time when you enjoy the outdoors to their fullest but summer isn’t complete without some pool fun.

So before its already time to soak and swim, make sure your pool’s plumbing is in good shape. Check for broken valves, water proofing, clogged cartridges, proper circulation and flow, damaged water lines or any leaks that may affect your overall swimming experience.

Clean Gutters, Downpipes and Storm Water Drains

Your gutters may have collected a lot of debris during the winter season, and spring is the perfect time to get them cleaned. It’s also a good idea to check for any blockage in your storm water drain. It’s always better to call a licensed plumber in Sydney to blast away the blockage with their professional equipment.

Check Your Water Sprinkler and Hose Tap for Leaks

If you are smart enough, you might have already packed up your sprinkler before the winter season started.

With your garden relying more on the hose tap and water sprinkler in the summer season to water the garden and wash the car or porch, a leaking hose tap can do more damage in terms of higher water bills and hurting the plants.

Rain water tank repair

The main checks your need to do on your rain water tank before the summer kicks off is to ensure all openings of the tank are covered by the mesh to avoid water contamination. Also make sure the overflow pipe is properly connected to the storm water drain, and downpipes are unclogged and go directly into the tank. Get lose connections fastened and secured.

Wrapping up

Summer is a great time to have outdoor fun with water, enjoying the rains, swiming or just having fun with the sprinkler. But being a little conscious of plumbing leaks and repairs can make this season even more enjoyable while keeping your water bills low and keeping water damages at bay.

As licensed plumbers in Sydney, we can help you with outdoor plumbing ahead of the summer season. Feel free to give us a call.

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