Going Green? 3 Benefits of Installing Rain Water Storage Tanks

Can you imagine what the world would be like without water?

As an invaluable natural resource, how many of us think about conserving rain water by installing rain Water Storage Tanks in our homes?

Most often this precious source of fresh water gets wasted flowing into gutters and downpipes installed in the roofs of our homes! However, as a vigilant home owner and as a responsible citizen, we can play our role in saving this priceless natural resource to help the environment and lower our monthly water bills.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits rain water tank installation can provide to homeowners in Sydney!

1. Rain water storage tanks saves fresh water for other important uses

Whether you want to maintain a beautiful green garden, have excessive use of toilets in your home during a specific time of the year or need to wash cars and porches on a regular basis, all these tasks require a significant amount of water.

However, since water needed for all these tasks must not necessarily be clean, rain water collected through down pipes in your roofs can be used for such purposes thereby saving fresh water for more important uses such as cooking, cleaning and drinking.

2. Reduce water bills with rain water storage tanks

In Sydney and throughout Australia, population explosion has led to a shortage of natural resources and water is no exception. This has not only resulted in a spike in water prices but also triggered water rationing.

Irrespective of the size (small to large water tanks), you have now a second source of water supply, which can significantly reduce your reliance and consumption of mains water for which you are paying a good sum of money every year.

Hence, reduced water consumption can result in direct reduction in your water bills.

3. Rain water tank installation can help save the environment

High volumes of rain and storm waters carries with it sediment and pollutants resulting in downstream flooding and polluted water bodies like lakes and rivers.

However, with Water Storage Tanks most of this water flows down from the down pipes into the tank, potentially saving the environment from pollution hazards.

Choosing the right rain water storage tank for your home

With the government incentive program in place, there can be no better time for rain water tank installation in your home, than now!

But with so many tanks to choose from how do you decide which one is right for your home?

Today, many plumbers in Sydney are offering small to large water tanks ranging from plastic water tanks, poly water tanks and steel water tanks.

Water Storage Tanks that can endure changing weather conditions and hold more liters of water, are likely to save you more money in the long-run.

Do you want to protect the environment and save on your water bills at the same time? If yes, we are Residential and Commercial Plumbers in Sydney and can help you install the right rain water tank for your home.

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