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Vulcan Hot Water Repair And Installation Specialists in Sydney

Vulcan Hot Water System Repair And Installation Specialists in Sydney

One Hour Plumbing is an authorised dealer of Vulcan Water Heating Systems.

If you're looking for a dependable hot water system installed in your home, look no further than Vulcan. Being a leading provider of hot water installation in Sydney, our team has earned a reputation for itself for offering same day installation and repair services of Vulcan electric and gas hot water systems in hundreds of homes all over Sydney. Our customers bear testament to our quick and reliable service that very few can match.

Here's what we offer in response to your call for a repair service or installation of a Vulcan hot water system:


If your Vulcan hot water system is giving you a hard time, give us a call and we'll dispatch our emergency plumber in Sydney to your home. Whatever the model, our plumbing specialists will come equipped to quickly restore your hot water system in Sydney so you can begin to enjoying an uninterrupted supply of hot water once again.


If you need your Vulcan hot water system replaced, One Hour Plumbing will fit a brand new one that's just right for your home. We'll also save you the time and headache of getting rid of your old heater by taking it away for safe disposal.


If you're unsure about which Vulcan hot water system suits the requirements of your family in the most cost-effective way, give us a call. With just a few questions, our trained advisors will uncover your requirements and recommend a Vulcan hot water system that will meet the needs of your family without running up huge power bills.


We'll help you choose Vulcan replacement systems with the best warranties. Combined with our written workmanship warranty you will have complete peace-of-mind that your investment is fully protected.


If you have moved house or are planning to construct a new one, choose from a range of electric, gas and gas boosted solar indirect systems. By providing you with just the right amount of hot water for your needs, you will benefit from substantial savings in your energy bills without compromising on your hot water supply.


Used our services before? You may be eligible for a special discount. Why not call us and save?


Left unchecked your water heater could be a ticking time bomb. If the control valve quits working properly, the burners may not know when to stop heating the water (usually around 125-130 degrees). If the temperature reaches 212 degrees, the water becomes "super-heated." Opening a tap with super-heated water causes it to be exposed to the atmosphere, turning it instantly to steam which may blow up in your face!

Also when the temperature of water rises, so does its volume and as a result, the pressure. Excessive pressure build-up can cause your water heater to explode.

If it has been a few years since you installed your Vulcan water heater, One Hour Plumbing can carry out a quick safety check to ensure your system is safe. Since we are emergency plumbers in Sydney, we'll also come prepared to fix any fault or carry out repairs on your heater.


As your 24 hour plumber in Sydney, One Hour Plumbing is committed to providing the highest level of customer and technical service. Our service guarantee compares with the best in the industry. We stake our reputation on our service standards.

Our hot water repair and installation technicians are available all over Sydney to serve you. Give us a call today and get hot water back on tap!

For more details about Vulcan and their water heater systems, click HERE.