Hot Water System Not Working?

At One Hour Plumbing, we've made a name for ourselves as 24 hour plumbers in Sydney and specialists in resolving problems related to hot water systems in Sydney.

If for some reason you do not get hot water from your taps, here are a few things you can do before calling a plumbing specialist. This might help you identify the urgency of issues at hand and at times, even fix them at home. Unless you're sure of what you're doing, do not attempt to do any repairs at home because we've come across many instances where the house owner has decided to take matters into his own hands, made the situation worse and ended up spending much more that he should have.

Water System

A new hot water system installation in Westleigh

Here are a few causes that may result in your hot water system failing:

It's Dirty

If your water heater is not providing you with adequately hot water drain the hot water heater. If it is an electric heater, turn off your electricity before you drain the tank and if you are using a gas heater, turn it to the lowest setting or completely shut off the gas. In the event you are not sure how to drain the system, give our emergency plumber in Sydney a call and we'll attend to it pronto!

It's a Leak

One of the main reasons for leaks is due to issues in the pressure-relief valve. Frequently checking and tightening all your valves is the best way to prevent any possible leaks. If that does not solve the problem, it is best to call for professional help.

It's Build-up

Sediment build-up is one of the worst cases you can come across which would directly impact the effectiveness of your hot water system. If the sediment build-up is extensive, you may have to completely replace your hot water system. Therefore, check if your system has sediment build up and if not, lowering the water temperature is the best way to prevent build up. However, only a professional plumber would know by assessing whether or not the heater needs to be replaced once the sediment has settled into it.

It's Old

If the life of your hot water system is over ten years, it naturally becomes more problematic and is usually not worth the expense of frequent repairs as they tend to be expensive. Replacing it would be the best solution. Be sure to discuss your new water heater options with one of our emergency plumbers in Sydney.

It's the Thermostat

Another common issue relating to hot water heaters is the temperature that displays on the thermostat and the heat of the water you feel. If you think that thermostat isn't what you're feeling when you run the tap, make sure to check the thermostat and it may be problem and not the water heater.

So there you go! Five problems to look for before actually calling for emergency plumber in Sydney.

If you have any hot water system related issues, do call us at One Hour Plumbing on 1300 663 468 and we guarantee to be at your service within an hour.

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