Household plumbing checklist for every day, week, month and year

If you have ever wondered how often you should get your drains cleared, or your hot water serviced or your rain water tank cleaned, we have created a complete check-list for your house hold plumbing that should be carried out on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis.

Daily plumbing maintenance

What you do on a daily basis can add up to either creating bigger problems or avoiding them. So to begin with, daily plumbing maintenance is more about a change in habits rather than having a schedule to carry out certain tasks.

Here’s what you can do on a daily basis to keep your plumbing problem-free:

• Don’t let food scraps or oil go down the kitchen drain
• Don’t flush wipes, cigarette butts, floss or foreign objects in the toilet
• Run dish waster at night to get a good water pressure
• Make sure to turn off taps properly after every use to avoid wastage and water damage
• Add screens to bathroom drains to catch hair and other objects

Weekly plumbing maintenance

A problem caught on time can prevent it from getting worse. Hence you need to be extra vigilant to make sure your home’s plumbing is in good shape at all times by checking for the following issues on a weekly basis:

• Check your taps for possible leaks and drips.
• Change in water pressure can indicate a problem in the water system
• A pungent smell in the kitchen or bathroom is more often due to a clogged drain
• Don’t use a chemical drain opener as it can damage the pipes
• Check your hot water system for optimal performance

Monthly plumbing maintenance

Diagnosing your plumbing system on a monthly basis is a good activity to make sure everything is in good shape and performing at its best. Few things you need to look at on a monthly basis can include:

• Test your toilet cistern for leakage by adding watercolour
• Get you gutter and downpipes cleaned
• Look for any changes in the water meter to detect leaks
• Get your rainwater tanks cleaned every six months
• Check for any loose tiles or seals to avoid water seeping through the floors or walls

Annual plumbing maintenance

Annual plumbing maintenance includes tasks that do not need immediate attention but are important to keep your plumbing system running flawlessly. Hence you need to:

• Look for plumbing fixtures that need to be replaced such as hot water system
• Get the showerhead or tap aerators cleaned to remove sediment buildup
• Get the sewer line cleaned to keep it free of tree root invasion or other obstructions
• Get pipes realigned in case they have come loose over time
• Check your water sprinkler and hose for any leaks before the summer season starts

Wrapping up

Preventive plumbing can ensure your household’s plumbing is in good shape for years to come. Regular cleaning and fixing is important for your property as well as the health of your family.

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