Plumbing Inspection checklist before Moving to a New Property

Before moving to a new home, it is better to get every possible nook and corner checked. Everything which needs repairing should be repaired at the earliest, so that it may not get worst in the future. This way you can not only save money but also save yourself from a lot of problems in future. Plumbing problems if overlooked at their initial stage, may lead to troublesome situations and make you suffer later. Therefore it is necessary to get a plumbing inspection done by licensed and expert plumbers, who would be able to identify all types of plumbing problems and know the best possible ways to fix them.

Checklist for Plumbing inspection

Professional plumbers inspect a number of things like drains, flooring, pipes, flood risk, water leaks and sewage systems. The problems which plumbers usually look for are as following:

1. Water supply system

Water supply system is the first thing to be checked during plumbing inspection. Plumbers usually check water meter, because if it is faulty it will cause misreading of water usage increasing your water bill. A leaky water meter can cause a sink hole and exacerbate leaks.


2. Service lines

Service lines are usually checked if they are old, they may be corroded and dirty. In this case they have to be replaced as soon as possible, as it can contaminate the water in your household.


3. Water heater

Water heater and water connections are also checked for leaks. Water heaters can cause high energy bills and even damage items, if they are not working properly.


4. Water in different rooms of the house

An expert plumber will check all the rooms of your home where water is used like washrooms, kitchen and laundry.

i. In the kitchen piping of taps is usually checked. Pressure valves in taps are observed to see whether they are delivering water at the right amount and pressure or not. Connections with the dishwasher is also checked to pin point any leaks that may destroy the dishwasher or cause an electric failure.

ii. In the bathroom, taps are checked as they are one of the most important and frequently used item. The flush system of the washroom is checked to find out faulty valves if any. Shower-heads often have leaks which could flood your bathroom floor. The tub and the sink are also checked to see if they can drain the amount of water that they usually contain.

iii. The laundry room is also checked for leaks in taps. The drainage is examined as improper drainage can cause floods.


5. Drainage

A licensed plumber will check all the drains and sewage system. It is really very important that your water supply system, drainage and sewage do not mix. If they do, it may cause a disaster in your home and will adversely affect your family’s health. Leaks in these systems have to be checked. Septic tank and septic pipes have to be inspected to see if all the waste goes where it should go.


6. Outdoor water system

Most homes in Australia have outdoor water systems. The outdoor water system is often checked by plumbers to see if your sprinkles may have leaks or run-offs. Leaks or run-offs not only increase your water bills, but also kill your plants with excess water.

In a nutshell, it is extremely important to hire a professional, licensed plumber and get your home properly inspected. You should keep in mind the above mentioned points during the plumbing inspection process. After identifying all the problems and getting them fixed, now it is the right time for you to move in your new home.

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