Plumbing Tips to Protect Your Home from Bushfire Attack

The right plumbing services done at the right time are your best protection against bushfire.

With so much devastation already happened by the bushfire across the country and Sydney has a history of coming into the fold, being proactive can keep you, your loved ones and your property safe on a bushfire risk day.

Get the gutters ready

Old or already damaged gutters can be a weak spot for your home in the event of a bushfire invasion. Older gutter systems such as box gutters are easily combustible. Replace your old gutters with gutter guards that live up to Australian standards for bushfire safety.

Additionally, also get your gutters cleared of leaves and sticks that can easily catch fire. Go a step further to bushfire proof your roof by plugging off your downpipes using actual plugs or a tennis ball and filling your gutters with water. This way anything burning to fall onto the roof will automatically put out.

Check and maintain water sprinklers

Water sprinklers can be a real live saver in the event of a bushfire attack. Make sure all the water sprinklers in your garden are in good working order and set up one on the roof of the house so it can be turned on as soon as you notice the fire approaching.

While you are at it, clean your garden of any fallen leaves that can catch fire and hydrate the garden as it can be the first place to come into the fold.

Install a water pump

While sprinklers are a good way to keep the area around the house wet and keep the fire at bay, if something has already caught fire, a sprinkler might just not be enough especially if there is a significant drop in the water pressure all of a sudden. Be prepared for a bushfire emergency by installing a water pump near water sources in your house such as near the pool or rainwater tank.

Consider connecting a generator to the water pump, as power cuts are expected during a bushfire attack.

Have a portable water supply ready

Buckets are a good way to put out fires but they can only be carried so far. Here’s when backpack sprays come into play. They can help you spray areas that are otherwise hard to reach and would work even when the power is out or the main water pressure is low. If you are planning to vacate the property, make sure you have sprayed everywhere so the fire won’t be able to spread any further.

Wrapping up

The bushfire season is happening across the country right now and getting your home prepared will not only save your property from any major damage but will also assist firefighters to control of the situation with much more ease.

As licensed plumbers in Sydney, we can help you with gutter installation and cleaning, water pump installation as well as checking and maintaining your sprinkler system.

Feel free to get in touch with us and we would be more than happy to help you.

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