Which One Is Better? Pool Heat Pumps Vs Pool Heaters

If you are an outdoor person and love to enjoy your time inside the pool, don’t let the winter season spoil the fun for you.

Recently enough, we were contacted by one of our customers in Sydney to install a pool heat pump, so they could enjoy the pool fun even in the chilly days.

One of the most frequent questions we come across in this regard, is “Whether I should go for pool heater or a pool heat pump? Sounds tricky, doesn’t it?

Both will serve the same purpose, but each has its pros and cons. There are plenty of considerations to look at, when decided which one to go for.

So here, we have dissected the topic for you to help you decide on the best option.


Installing Pool Heaters

One of the most popular option to warm up the water inside your pool, pool heaters don’t only have lower upfront costs but can also heat up the water much more quickly, usually within hours.

These heaters can run on gas or electricity. If you are opting for natural gas, its good news for you. Pool heaters run on natural gas costs way less than electric ones.

So if you don’t use your pool too often and just want to heat it when you need it, gas pool heaters is the way to go.

Another benefit of pool heaters versus pool heat pumps is that they tend to work as efficiently in extreme cold days as they would in normal days.


Installing Pool Heat Pumps

Swimming pool heat pumps utilise the air surrounding the unit to heat the pool water. They are quickly gaining popularity in Australia as they do not require any gas to run, there by dramatically reducing the operating costs resulting in higher efficiencies.

A drawback of installing pool heat pumps is that they do not tend to work in low temperatures. Since they use surrounding warm air to heat the pool, when outside air is too cold they lose their ability to work as efficiently.

Additionally, you may experience higher upfront costs but that negative is cancelled out with the long life of pool heat pumps as compared to pool heaters.

Heat pumps are also much more energy efficient and easier to install.



When the cold weather kicks in, both pool heaters and pool heat pumps are great ways to continue enjoying your outdoor water fun despite the temperature drop. However, your decision on which one to go for, should be based on efficiency, size of the pool, frequency of your use as well as the how severe the temperature drop is.

If you live in colder places where temperature tends to drop below 10 degrees Celsius and you don’t mind the running costs too much, pool heaters is the way to go.

If you are looking for operating efficiencies and live in a mild climate, your best bet is a pool heat pump.


If you are looking for pool heater installation or pool heat pump installation in Sydney, feel free to get in touch with us today.

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