Have you moved into a new property and feel the kitchen or bathroom does not match your taste? Or perhaps you feel it's time to overhaul your tired looking kitchen and the ageing fixtures in your bathroom.

If you are planning a kitchen or bathroom renovation for your property in Sydney, get in touch with our team of emergency plumbers in Sydney at One Hour Plumbing and start the transformation today!

Kitchen Renovations in Sydney

If you spend time in the kitchen whipping up mouth-watering delights for the family or friends, you deserve to have a kitchen that's your pride and joy. And the right equipment need to be positioned in the right locations so that you have easy access.

If you're looking for complete kitchen renovation for your property in Sydney seek advice from professionals with a proven track record.

Our 24 hour plumbers in Sydney can also help you with a new dishwasher, gas cook top, mixer or insinkerator! How is that for a complete kitchen renovation solution?

The One Hour Plumbing specialists hold an enviable track record of helping homeowners transform their that was just right for them! From dismantling your old kitchen fixtures to suggesting great ideas for your new kitchen, doing the preparatory work, fixing the plumbing, connecting the appliances - we've got you covered!

To add to our long list of kitchen renovation services we can also:

  • Recommend and install a new dishwasher
  • Install insinkerators
  • Replace normal kitchen taps with Mixer taps
  • Safely install Water filtration units
  • Replace or install Gas cook tops and ovens

Bathroom Renovations in Sydney

Your bathroom is probably the only place in your house that gives you a few minutes of quiet privacy every day. That's why you deserve a bathroom that puts you perfectly at ease. As residential and commercial plumbers in Sydney, One Hour Plumbing provides you with a one stop solution to help you with a bathroom that is functional as well as beautiful.

Of course if you don't need a complete renovation and are looking to change a few taps, vanity and even replace your bathtub with a new jacuzzi, our experienced 24 hour plumbers in Sydney can help you with your requirements.

Here are just some of the services One Hour Plumbing can help you with:

  • Toilet, cistern and basin installation
  • Replacement of vanities,washers and taps
  • Clearing blocked basins, toilets and shower drains
  • Fitting new bathrooms
  • Any other bathroom plumbing needs

We also provide Hot water installation in Sydney so you can have 24 hour supply of hot water to your bathroom and kitchen taps. Our experienced plumbing specialists in Sydney are ready to make your dream kitchen or bathroom a reality starting TODAY.

  • No surprises * We charge by the job, not by the hour*