Are you looking for hassle-free and cost-effective toilet repairs in Sydney? Do you want to end the waster wastage due to leaking taps and toilets?

Everyone goes through the annoyance caused by dripping or squeaky taps, leaking showers and blocked toilets. Although some of these require minor plumbing fixes you may end up spending a small fortune if the job was not done right the first time!

But that's not all. A dripping tap or a leaky toilet can stain the appliance it is supplying water to. The tap itself can get stained over time. Despite knowing this, many households turn a blind eye for months or even years, and end up with huge bills when they do decide to get them fixed.

One Hour Plumbing's emergency plumbers in Sydney will take care of your faulty taps and leaking pipes. Whether a washer needs replacing, a new shower head has to be installed or a toilet to be unblocked, our plumbers will be in and out of your home in no time after attending to your needs. Remember, we're based in strategic location in Sydney to ensure we reach you promptly!

Our services related to taps and toilet repairs in Sydney include the following:
  • Repairing stubborn blocked toilets that could not be fixed with a plunger
  • Toilet flush repair to fix weak flushing or non-flushing toilets
  • Toilet bowl repair and replacing broken, old or leaking toilets, basins or tired baths often without expensive 'retiling'
  • Providing cost-effective solutions for new bathroom installations that suit your personality and lifestyle
  • Inspection, repairs or replacement of leaky showers
  • Unblocking or replacing ageing galvanized pipes to restore normal water pressure
  • Complete bathroom plumbing solutions to help arthritis sufferers and others to turn on taps without applying undue pressure on their wrists

...And much more!

Our emergency plumbers in Sydney are trained, experienced and have all the equipment to fix your toilets and bathrooms TODAY.

  • No surprises ! We charge by the job, not by the hour !