Put an End to Gas Leaks in Your Home with Emergency Plumbing in Sydney

Do you smell a gas leak?

Gas leaks in your home is definitely an emergency plumbing situation that needs to be attended right away.

Every year several people die due to gas leaks and a dozen more fall ill due to its prolonged exposure. Hence it’s important to understand the signs of gas leaks, the potential risks it may cause and the corrective action you need to take in order to protect your property and the people living on it.

As expert for emergency plumbing in Sydney, here are some tips we need all homeowners should consider if they have a gas connection in their homes for heating and cooking purposes.

Common signs of gas leaks

Some signs of gas leaks are obvious while others need careful examination in order to identify them. Being an emergency plumbing situation, the sooner you notice a gas leak the faster you can take action to stop it.

  • Smell: Natural gas supplied to homes has a pungent smell of rotten eggs that helps make it detectable in case of a leak
  • Sound: If you can hear a hissing sound coming from gas appliances and main valves, don’t ignore the sign.
  • Gas meter: If you are getting a high gas bill while your use has remained unchanged, it means one of your gas appliances is leaking.
Possible risks of gas leaks

Natural gas is toxic and can pose a risk to the health and lives of people.

  • Risk to health: When inhaled natural gas can result in nausea, headache, stomach upset, dizziness and blurred vision.
  • Risk to life: Natural gas is extremely flammable. Depending upon the amount of gas leaked, a small spark can cause the room or the building to blow up resulting in life loss.
  • Risk to property: Depending upon how large the gas leak is, being combustible it can cause fire or explosion.
Precautions to take in case of gas leak

If you detect a gas leak, it’s important to take the right precautions to protect your family and your property:

  • Open all doors and windows to expel the gas out of your home
  • Don’t turn on fans to disperse the gas.
  • Don’t switch on any electrical appliances or unplug anything. A spark can cause an explosion.
  • Don’t use a telephone
  •  Don’t smoke or light matches
  • Don’t stay inside unnecessarily
  • Get professional help rather than attempting to fix the leak yourself.


While natural gas is an incredibly safe energy option for heating and cooking purposes at homes, a possible leak can pose your family and property at potential risk not to mention the extra money you end up paying in unnecessary gas bills.

If you hear, smell or merely suspect a gas leak, it’s advisable to call your local provider for gas leak and repair emergency plumbing in Sydney.

As licensed and experienced gas plumbers, we will quickly identify and fix the leak or replace your faulty appliances if needed, to keep your family and property safe.

Book our services for gas leak repair emergency plumbing in Sydney, today!

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