Safety First! Hot Water Heaters Do’s and Don’ts

An essential part of every household, hot water heaters require regular maintenance and at least once a year inspection by a licensed plumber to keep them working at their optimum! Irrespective of the season, we all love warm showers and then there is the daunting laundry and dishes that just can’t do without hot water!

As experienced plumbers in Sydney, we have complied a list of do’s and don’ts which must be followed by all homeowners to ensure safety of the members of the household and to extend the life of the hot water heater.

Hot Water Heaters Do’s

  • Set the temperature of your hot water heater at 49 Degree Celsius – a temperature higher than that may result in scalding, a temperature lower than that may result in unhealthy bacteria growth inside the tank.
  • Flush your hot water tank at least once a year through the drain valve in order to remove any mineral sediment build up! Sediment formed at the base of the tank reduces the efficiency of your hot water heater, it’s capacity and eventually its overall lifespan!
  • Get the temperature-pressure relieve safety valve tested to ensure proper operation of your water heating system. If your hot water heater builds up excessively high temperature or pressure, the valve is designed to open, venting out the effect and thereby preventing a possible explosion.
  • Reduce the temperature to its lowest possible setting if you are planning to leave for a vacation. With no one there to use the water or to keep an eye on the system, this reduces your chances of having any potential issues with the hot water heater, while also cuts down unnecessary energy bills.
  • Keep checking for any puddles near the base of your hot water heater. Puddles are a sign of leakage that must be fixed right away. Leaking hot water tanks may result in low water pressure or insufficient hot water as your system may not be performing to its optimum level.
  • Keep the instructions manual handy and check it every time before dealing with your hot water heater.
  • Insulate your water heater as well as the pipes attached to it to avoid energy loss as water flows from the pipes to the taps.Hot Water Heater Don’ts
  • Don’t expose your hot water heater to any combustive/flammable material such as paint thinner, cleaning agents or gasoline as it can be highly dangerous.
  • Don’t ignore warning signs that might lead up to your water heater failure! Waiting too long for repair might result in worsening the problem, higher costs to fix it and lowers the life of your system.
  • Don’t let children get near hot water heaters in the absence of an adult.
  • Don’t experiment anything new with your hot water heater if you are not sure what you are doing! Ask for professional help if you suspect a problem with your hot water heater that’s beyond a do-it-yourself fix!


From showering, cooking to laundry and the dishes, hot water heater is a critical home appliance, yet all too often we forget how much we depend on it! Knowing the do’s and don’ts of your hot water heater and getting it serviced by a plumber once a year can help keep your family safe and extend the life of your system.
If you are looking for professional help with your hot water heater service and maintenance, we are licensed plumbers in Sydney and can restore the hot water supply to your home in no time!


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