Simple Steps to Preventing Blocked Drains – Insights from Plumbing Professionals

Do you have constant issues with your drainage system?

Inconvenienced by blocked drains?

Here are a few tips from the good folks here at One Hour Plumbing in Sydney to help you avoid blocked drains.

Blocked drains in Sydney mainly occur in your kitchen or your bathroom. Therefore, it is important to know what things that you should not be flushing or rinsing. Some of them that we have identified are as below.

  1. Fat from lard, meat, cooking oils, margarine or butter, food scraps, sauces or dairy
  2. Personal hygiene products, diapers or other paper products other than toilet paper
  3. Cigarette butts, hair, condoms, animals, etc.
  4. Anything that is not toilet paper or human waste

Another main cause of blocked drains in Sydney is incorrect installation of pipesand/or breakage. These can be taken care of by employing the services of experienced professionals as the increase in do-it-yourself (DIY) repairs have led to poorly installed plumbing and drainage pipes which, result in thumping expenses later on!

How to Clear Blocked Drains in Sydney 

One of the most common plumbing issues that we come across is blocked drains. It happens at the most unexpected and unwanted times.

When clearing out a blocked drain, it is essential that one calls a plumbing service with the best and latest equipment and know the latest techniques to use them. Some of the equipment we use at One Hour Plumbing are:

  1. High-Pressure Water Jet - This is one of the mostly used, strongest and most effective tool that can handle almost anything from tree and plant roots to heavy clogs from grease, objects and other debris. The high-pressure water forces the blockage back out of the pipes while clearing and cleaning everything in its way as it goes along the pipe.
  2. CCTV drain camera - To clear a blocked drain successfully the plumbing professional first needs to know where exactly the blockage is situated and what needs to be cleared off the drain. The CCTV drain camera allows the plumber to have a clear view of the drain pipes and identify the cause of the blockage and its exact location. This knowledge coupled with extensive experience in providing fast plumbing services ensure your drains will be blockage-free in no time.
  3. Electric Eel Drain Cleaner -The "snake-like" cleaner goes through the pipes and drains and its cutting head is used to punch through the blockages while dragging and pulling waste and blockage out of the way. This is a great way to restore your blocked drain and restored the water flow. This method is mainly used in sewer/maindrains, toilets, kitchen and laundry sinks.

Always remember, when looking for plumbing services, look for professionals with extensive experience and also those that can guarantee their services along with prompt response. As plumbing professionals and experts in dealing with blocked drains in Sydney, our teams are equipped the latest equipment and based in strategic locations to arrive at your property fast and provide prompt solutions to your blocked drain problems.

Do drop us a comment and let us know of your blocked drain related woes and we'd be glad to help you out. Even, drop by your home to inspect the situation.

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